Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yes, I Like #2

I'm posting this on my latest gadget on the block, the HTC Desire. After approx.1 week playing with this phone, all I can say is - bb duh? Hahahaha!

Best giler!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yes, I'm Here

in Bandung!

Partly, to accompany TheBibik 'mudik ke kampung' setelah 2 tahun (+ 2 more years previously) memerah keringat di mesia.

Also, to take a looooong, well-deserved holiday setelah sekian lama tak cuti panjang.

And, to celebrate En. Mohd Hanif Yahya's birthday!! Here come the bragging rights (ya, cyang.. I'm now younger than you) that will be valid for the next three months :P

Happy Birthday Hubs! Luv u then, luv u now, luv u always! Thanks for willingly taking the week off from your hellhole etiqa office for this :) (mak pijak, hellhole kan? hahahhahahah!)

Aktivitas kami akan diwartakan (harap2) sekembalinya kami dari kota Paris van Java ini.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yes, I Like

this is just to fill in the void since i know the next post will take me a few days to submit :P


this band, i saw, when they had a short gig @ cloth and clef recently. you may wonder how did i ever end up there. hehe.. sebabnya, penyanyi kumpulan ini adalah anak kepada rakan cop sepejabatku! dan rakan ini telah bersusah payah mengajak kami untuk pergi menonton kumpulan ini membuat persembahan mereka (at the risk of being the warga emas amongst them belia2 negara hehe).

so off we went, me and Bufori and Fay.. meredah trafik yang MacHar kat BB that time. RakanKami pun dengan bersemangatnya sumbat us dinner first at one of the fancy-shmancy outlets near cloth and clef, before Tilu's turn at the stage. the band itself was, for lack of better word, fun! they really, really enjoyed themselves on stage. eventhough I was sitting at the side with Mrs RakanKami, I could tell the band was rockin'!

now that the band is enjoying better airplay, i wish them all the best in shaping the future of malaysian music. chewah! :-D


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yes, I Knew It

Karma's a b***h.

It all started with Ex-Con. Ex-Con was known throughout the organization as someone with a somewhat 'pronounced' upper jaw.. the appropriate technical term would be 'malocclusion'. So udahlah personalitinya pun tak boleh blah, apatah lagi dikurniakan fizikal sedemikian, hence there were giggles all around whenever somebody referred to Ex-Con's err.. Halimah J physique(?). Adalaa pulak yang terlebih creative with the jokes, siap ada cerita berantai with the "gigi berhantu bleh kejar ko.. so don't get on Ex-Con's bad side" stories.

One day, the organization had to declare a state of emergency. Ramai giler orang sakit gigi! Good thing we are located just above a dentist :P It was kinda serious, there was one gal who had to go for root canal, at least 2 guys had to take the day off coz of the pain, it goes on and on.

Moral of the story, be aware of how you treat the people around you. Because one day, karma might just get you right between the err.. teeth :P

So I reiterate, Karma's a damn b***h. LOL!

Anyways, 'twas a looooooong period between my last post and this one. Biasala, kena jadik bos sementara chekonon laa banyak keja. Al-maklumlah bos saya sudah tiada. Tapi itu tidak mengapa, I still manage to balance things out. Kerja ke, Ko-kurikulum ke, as long as when you go home.. there are arms just waiting to give you a hug. Or in my case, two additional pairs of flailing kiddie arms! Blisss!

So what did I do between the last post and this one?

Muadz's 1st birthday. Had a simple celebration @ home

Firzana showing mad skillz at her kindy Sports Day

Anep & myself with Muadz @ I-city. This is an example of classic pre-schooler photographic skills.. LOL!

Alamak, laki den telepon. Be back later :P

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yes, It's A Good Life

In a way, accepting new responsibilities will really mean double, triple, quadruple the workload! And that's why my posts are getting sparse.

I'm also helping some nice people with some setting-up work on the side, which means my time is really optimized day in, day out. Asalkan bawak masuk rezeki, gua takde hal punya. Boleh gak simpan duit sket for the upcoming vacation graciously paid for by hubby terchenta. Nyam nyam! :P

Among the leisurely activities I managed to fit in my so-called busy schedule these past few weeks are Aizat & Faizal's concert (took the day off so I can spend some time with the kiddies before I go missing for a major part of the night hehe), bawak MIL jenjalan to IKEA (NEVER again on a weekend.. gah!), shopping trips with Mama here and there... dan bermacam2 lagi that could be too revealing to put in this wholesome family blog LOL.

Apa-apa pun, I just want to stress the importance of keeping family close to your heart.

*Runs off to give everybody a hug* :-)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Yes, I'll Get To It In A Moment

Click the poster above for more stuff to demotivate you.. :P